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Whether you're car is in dire need of a service, or you're concerned about its performance, then you can rely on the team at Waymills Garage to provide you with a wide range of professional vehicle services at competitive prices.

Getting ready for a rally? Why not bring your rally car down to Waymills Garage for a pre-race tune up? Our team aren't just professional mechanics, but also motor enthusiasts who will treat your rally car with the same love and attention as you would.

Whether it's a classic car or simply an old, discontinued model that that you love, then you can entrust it to our friendly and experienced team to breathe new life into your vehicle with complete servicing, tuning, refinishing and modification services.

"If you want a proper traditional repair garage that specialises in the more "classic" type of vehicles and offers a trustworthy service at a fair price go no further. Outside, waiting for work, they usually have a delicious selection of Lancias, Jags, Ford rally cars (MK1 Escorts and the like) well anything that is "class" really. I would not trust anyone else as much as I do these guys and it's so nice to be able to find a garage you can really recommend!"

John Birkett

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